Wiredex is designed to perform in-depth mass analyses aimed at estimating the credit risk and equity of a selected set of corporate companies. The system also provides economic and financial forecasts by carrying out deterministic and stochastic/Monte Carlo simulations.


wiredex.Corporate is an application designed to perform corporate credit risk analysis and equity valuation. The system facilitates business planning, providing a simple and intuitive way to develop projections of financial statements in a technological setting marked by the highest security standards and absolute soundness in terms of calculations. wiredex.Corporate offers a wide range of analytical functions developed to perform accurate credit risk analysis, in line with regulators’ standards and requirements for Asset Quality Review procedures.

The possibility of integrating the application with all of the most widely-used financial databases for data uploading, a module that automatically manages mass simulations of company portfolios and a built-in automatic reporting system let users significantly reduce data processing, analysis and reporting in terms of time and cost.


wiredex.Workspace is an application designed to perform mass economic-financial simulations to analyze credit risk and evaluate the equity of portfolios made up of large numbers of companies, industry sector indexes or customized groups of companies. Historical and forecast analyses are carried out using guided interactive procedures that let the user set up simulations quickly and intuitively; the system can carry out both deterministic and stochastic/Monte Carlo simulations.

Analyses can be performed using two different approaches: considering the companies individually, or on the basis of aggregated balance sheets of all the companies in a portfolio of interest.