All of our applications and every one of our modules have user’s manuals and guides that explain their functions, the models they are based on, calculation methods and the outputs they provide. An expert team is dedicated to illustrating and providing technical details on the methodologies and advanced analyses applied. Valuecube’s assistance team offers complete support for all IT issues linked to the functioning, configuration and utilization of our applications.


All of our products are constantly updated and in line with the most advanced IT standards. The analysis functions are continually evolving, and the applications benefit from the latest methodological developments and the most sophisticated financial modeling, while always maintaining user-friendliness. Application monitoring and updating is done both on site and remotely.


Valuecube applications can be distributed by intranet and internet, and are fully integratable with other applications our customers are already using, allowing the customer to choose the most suitable solution in any situation. In cases of special needs, for example due to particularly heavy utilization, Valuecube also offers servers dedicated to specific applications. All installation operations can be carried out on-site or remotely.


The Valuecube team of experienced professionals offers financial training and education programs to companies and universities. Training activities can be provided on site at the customer’s location, or through video conferences. Our training courses include both theoretical and technical-practical content. Valucube applications contribute to training and allow us to illustrate how to apply methodological best practices.