Valuecube grows along with the human resources that contribute to our success. The company welcomes contacts from experienced professionals and recent graduates who want to work in a dynamic, creative and stimulating context in continual pursuit of innovation and breakthroughs to foster future successes.

Open positions depend on the needs of the software development team, but experience at Valuecube entails all-around training and requires a high-level academic preparation and strong dedication to the company’s mission.

Open positions:

Software Engineer

Description of activities:

As a member of the software development team, will deal with designing new applications and maintaining and updating existing ones. Will also manage design and maintenance of internal and customer databases. Will be required to carry forward several projects contemporaneously.

Candidate profile:

The ideal candidate must have strong skills in programming server-side and client-side web applications in Java. Must be able to develop logical models in complex environments with Object Oriented languages. Excellent knowledge of server-side and client-side RDBMS, Oracle, MySql and SQL-Server and Linux/UNIX Systems is requested. Outstanding communication skills and teamwork orientation.


University degrees in Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics preferred;
Knowledge of written and spoken English;
Object Oriented and J2EE programming;
Web Client\Server JavaEE (Jsp, Javascript, Struts, Spring, Axis, Servlet, Ajax, jQuery);
Knowledge of Current Version System;
Knowledge of server-side/client-side RDBMS (SQL), Oracle, MySql and SQL-Server;
Knowledge of Framework Struts;
Knowledge of Linux/UNIX systems.

Financial Analyst

Description of activities:

Will work as part of a team on the development, updating, testing and monitoring of software, focusing on the functional analysis aspect of applications developed. Will also handle customer relations, intercepting needs and demands that can be translated into applications or customizations of applications. Other responsibilities include generating reports, creating customer-oriented presentations of projects and solutions, research in economics and finance and management of financial databases.

Candidate profile:

The ideal candidate is highly motivated, flexible and creative, used to working on a team and exceptionally oriented towards research and development in the sphere of finance and economics. Outstanding written and oral communication skills and excellent organizational skills required.


University degree in Economics or Statistics;
Knowledge of written and spoken English;
Capacity to use Microsoft Office package.
Analytical and problem-solving skills regarding business process analysis;
Knowledge of Corporate Finance, Corporate and Bank Accounting, Theory of Finance and Financial Intermediaries, Statistics and Quantitative Methods;
Knowledge of banking regulatory framework and banking prudential regulation


Valuecube offers opportunities for high-level training for students of Economics, Statistics, Computer Engineering and Computer Science. The intern will be actively involved in company projects, with tasks assigned based on his/her expertise and personal predisposition, and will be supported by our professional staff throughout the internship period, with the aim of enhancing individual aptitudes and guiding the intern’s growth.

Open Positions:

Software Programming Internship

The internship offers a professional-preparatory training experience working in the sector with our software development team of specialists. Activities involve supporting the team in developing applications for financial analysis, and include software design, translating customer requests into specific technology, product strategy and project management.


University degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or Mathematics preferred;
Knowledge of written and spoken English;
Strong interest in computer technology;
Familiarity with relational databases and client-server concepts;
Familiarity with web design tools and techniques.

Financial Analyst Internship

The internship experience offers an opportunity to gain meaningful knowledge in the area of financial analysis and company valuation, working alongside an application development team that draws together experts in IT and finance. Activities include supporting the development team, utilizing and managing financial databases, carrying out company and stock analysis and report writing.


University degree in Economics or Statistics preferred;
Knowledge of written and spoken English;
Outstanding written and oral communications skills;
Analytical and critical thinking skills in an open-minded context;
Strong orientation towards working with computers and learning to use new software;