About Us

Valuecube develops innovative software applications for the financial sector, in line with the latest methodological and technological advances. Valuecube also provides consulting, advisory and training services in the corporate finance, risk management and portfolio management sectors, and offers various support services for the major consulting firms.

The Valuecube team is made up of highly experienced professionals who bring together advanced knowledge of the IT field with exceptional skills in finance and mathematics. Our specialized expertise lets us develop innovative methodological solutions and quickly grasp our customers’ needs, translating them into highly evolved, tailored applications in minimal turnaround time.

We stay in close contact with the customer throughout all application realization phases, from planning and development to assistance, training and continuous updating. The technological means used in the development of our applications are calibrated and modeled based on specific project goals. All of our existing available products are completely customizable (in terms of interfaces, user profiles, outputs, reporting, data feeds, etc.) so as to fully meet customer needs.